Links: 2009-01-29

Here it is, my daily smörgåsbord of links from around the web. As usual, these links spathe world of economics, finance and politics. But, I will also start inserting a few links on technology as well because I am a bit of a technophile. You can see some of my Tech blog links in the blogroll.

Before I finish, I want to sound off about Google. The company has become a bit of a 9,000 lb. elephant on the Internet (much bigger than the 800 lb. gorilla). They have way too much control for my tastes. I have found this out in particular because there is no substitute for FeedBurner, which has been syndicating my feeds. Basically, FeedBurner blows and I am sick of my feed being down and screwing up my site. So, I have unlinked my primary feed from FeedBurner. If you are getting my feed via FeedBurner, don’t. The best feed is Please use this feed going forward if you want any measure of reliability.

Whew. I am glad I got that off my chest.


ps. here are a few links on FeedBurner:
Former FeedBurner CEO’s funny video now just a bit sadder – Gawker
Google’s Detailed Response to FeedBurner Criticism – Mashable

The Republican Death Spiral –

Global bank writedown estimate now US$2.2-trillion – FP Trading Desk

Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany –

Geithner, Holder Reap Rewards for Failure: Margaret Carlson –
Maureen Dowd – Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters –

Does Glencore need cash? – FT Alphaville

The Euro and the Dollar – INO

Twitter to hit the big time with explosion in microblogging – Times Online

Read Dean, Areddy and Ng on the management of China’s reserves during the crisis – Brad Setser: Follow the Money

Nassim Taleb: ‘I Was Happy Lehman Went Bust’ – DealBook Blog –

Obama presses South Africa on Zimbabwe – Reuters

Indian exporters shed 1 million jobs –

Jeremy Warner: Roach enjoys his day in the sun – The Independent

Roach: This Recession Will Be Ruthless – Moneynews

Grantham: Bernanke, Paulson Disgraceful – Moneynews

And You Thought Paulson Was Bad… – Chuck Butler, World Currency Watch

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