Links: 2009-01-28 – blogger edition

Here are some worthwhile contributions from the econblgger world I think you should definitely read.

Peter Schiff Was Wrong – Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mish vs Peter Schiff – Barry Ritholtz

Bernanke: Fed to Modify Mortgages – Housing Wire (The Federal Reserve is determined to prop up the housing market. They are also going to start buying mortgage-backed securities. The helicopter are starting up)

Wells Fargo Posts $2.55B Fourth Quarter Loss – Paul Jackson, Housing Wire

Cramdowns Unlikely to Trigger Immediate RMBS Downgrades – Angus Robertson

More on Lehman Revisionism – Felix Salmon

John Thain’s PR Expenditures – Felix Salmon

Taleb Foresees Private Equity Firm Failures If Stock Market Falls – Yves Smith

The perfect appointment – John Hempton

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