Links: 2009-01-19 – banks and bloggers

Today’s links are dedicated to the banking crisis in the U.S. and Western Europe and to posts from my econblogging brethren. Below are my links for the day divided into four sections.

Why Did the Swedes Nationalize in Response to Banking Crisis? – Seeking Alpha
Ohio Governor Asks For Across The Board Union Pay Cuts – Mish
Ireland needs help – FT Alphaville
BBVA calls for single bank regulator – FT Alphavlle
FDIC Paves the Way to Covered Bonds – Housing Wire
Economists, ideology, and stimulus – Paul Krugman
Wall Street Voodoo – Paul Krugman
How to Waste $350 Billion – Yves Smith
Voodoo maths and dead banks – John Hempton
Zeitenwende sagt Adieu – Hansruedi Ramsauer
California: No Tax Refund for you! – Calculated Risk
Time to take the banks into full public ownership – Willem Buiter
Adrian Wooldridge Is… the Vicar of Bray! – Brad DeLong
More Arguments for Bank Nationalization – Felix Salmon

Crisis in U.S. and Western European banking
Spain’s Debt Downgraded by S&P as Slump Swells Budget –
Ruble Drops to Pre-1998 Crisis Low on 6th Devaluation This Year –
Commerzbank Posts Pretax Loss in the Fourth Quarter –
Barclays Bank comes out fighting against Treasury – Times Online
RBS losses set to reach record £28 billion – Times Online
HSBC snubs Government bank rescue scheme – Times Online
These Bailouts Won’t Work Either: Dr. Doom –
More Trouble Hits FHLB Branches –
U.S. Plots New Phase in Banking Bailout –

Crisis in Ireland
Ten weakest property markets in Ireland –
Bank of Ireland chief to step down –
Irish bank shares plunge in value – BBC News

Other Links
Thai Air Falls to 16-Year Low After Seeking Funds –
France to rescue car industry –

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  1. Glen says

    Are we at the impact point; the moment before the trains smash together?

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