Links: 2008-12-08

Below are a few links to web stories you might enjoy. Other news stories can be found at our newsfeed. The newsfeed is also available via RSS. I would like to point out the story on econbloggers as particularly interesting — where’s Credit Writedowns in the article?

Also, read the BIS Q3 report.  It is the most comprehensive analysis of the events during the market meltdown surrounding Lehman I have seen.

Paul Kedrosky: BiS Q3 Report: Required Reading (The BIS has consistently been a voice of reason throughout the credit crisis and their Q3 report in PDF is a must read)

Saudi Oil Minister: America’s Fossil Fuel Dependence Is Here To Stay – The Jed Report (this is an interesting 60 Minutes interview with the Saudis essentially saying that they see the UI.S. being dependent on them for some time to come.) China May Ask for 82% Decline in Iron Ore Prices to 1994 Levels(To my mind, this report speaks to the depth of the Chinese economic crash and to the crash of commodity prices.)

Barack Obama unveils $1 trillion economic stimulus package – Telegraph

Inside the influential new world of econobloggers – The Boston Globe (A nice article referring to some of the best econblogger’s out there and the rise of econblogging in the wake of the credit crisis)

NBC names David Gregory host of ‘Meet the Press’ – Yahoo! News

It’s not inflation that did us in, it’s the borrowing |

Kicking Our Addiction to Debt | The Big Picture (These last two posts spell it out: it’s the debt, stupid)

Joseph Stiglitz: Keynesian economics finds new relevancy in the 21st century global economy | Comment is free | (Barry Ritholtz hs some interesting commentary about how Stiglitz, a nobel laureate, has been left out of Obama’s economic counsel. Very unfortunate).

When diversification fails | Reuters

Oil patch may cut output if price hits US$38 – National Post

Economist’s View: Rubber Stamp Agencies

Economist’s View: What Causes Gluts and How Can They be Cured?

Deflation virus is moving the policy test beyond the 1930s extremes – Telegraph(Honestly, I love Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Countrywide Class Action: What’s a Good Sale? | The Big Picture

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