Links: 2008-12-04

I am off on holiday through Monday, so posting will be light or non-existent unless Marshall steps into the breech. In the meantime, I wanted to leave you all with a few links to interesting articles (I especially like the one on condom sales).

Other stories are in the news feed.

All the best.

The Tyranny of the Shareholders – Finance Blog – Felix Salmon – Market Movers –

EconDirectory | – December 2008 (I come in at Number 19!)

Deflation: Bargains abound, which could be a problem –

Q – Finance Blog – Felix Salmon – Market Movers –

PIMCO – IO Dow 5000 Gross Dec 08

FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Economic nationalism and the USD

The U.S. Recession and the Zimbabwe Option | Economy |

Condom sales rise through credit crunch – Telegraph

naked capitalism: Martin Wolf Says Big Stimulus Programs by Big Debtor Countries Will End in Tears

BBC NEWS | Business | Latvia’s economic boom turns sour – I have written multiple times on this. The Baltics are very connected to lending in Scandinavia and e should see some major writedowns there going forward. See my posts here, here and here. Municipal Market’s Pending Bond Offerings Reach Six-Year High

Kenneth Rogoff: Fear of inflation is like worrying about getting the measles when one is in danger of getting the plague | Comment is free | – This is exactly what I have been getting at in my posts on quantitative easing.

Calculated Risk: Compendium of Tanta’s Posts – what a great analyst and blogger. She is missed by us all

Confessions of a man who does the layoffs | Business Tech – CNET News – this is a very good interview piece with the CEO of a Web 2.0 company that had to let go of 10% of its manpower. Read what the CEO says about what a decision like that involves.

Brad Setser: Follow the Money » Blog Archive » Should the currency of the country with a large and growing trade surplus and large and growing reserves depreciate against the dollar? – Is China beginning a “Beggar Thy Neighbor” currency policy

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