Links: 2008-12-03

Yesterday was a good day in the markets, all in all. However, a number of anomalies still exist which we hope to cover in the coming days. Fist, there has bee an unprecedented rally in U.S. Treasury securities which some are calling a bubble. Simultaneously, you have a large spread to Treasuries in the corporate bond market (with corporate bonds yielding significantly more). High yield corporate binds are at record high yields (and record low prices since price and yield move in opposite direction). Since half of corporates are high-yield (so-called junk) bonds, one would think there is more value in corporates than Treasuries, but that is not how investors are behaving.

Then, there are some strange currency moves of late with the Euro cheapening against the Yen. The Pound is falling against the Dollar. It seems that currency traders are moving into currencies from countries that may do relatively better during this recession (Japan) or have already cut interest rates to near zero (Japan, the U.S.)

Below are a few articles I would like to highlight. Notice the ones on housing busts in Dubai and China. These two are harbingers of some interesting changes to come in the global system as both China and the Middle East are soon going to be more concerned with domestic economic concerns. There is talk of China actually depreciating its currency. Watch for this. The other news can be found in the news feed.

Starting tomorrow, I will be on holiday in the Bahamas through the weekend, so posts should be light. Perhaps, Marshall could step in and do his magic as he has had some very good posts recently.

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