Links: 2008-11-29

Below are links to a few posts on the web that I found particularly good. For more posts and news, see the news feed.

Mirabile Dictu! Rubin Takedown by the Wall Street Journal! – naked capitalism

The Fed’s QE Operations and the Dollar – Stephen Jen, Morgan Stanley (Hat tip Stevie B)

Monetization, sterilization: What’s going on between the Fed and the Treasury? – News N Economics (Hat tip Stevie B — update in news feed and comments below)

The boom in gun sales – The Economist

Bailouts hit $8.5 trillion – The Mess That Greenspan Made (Tim Iacono is a speaker at this weekend’s Hard Asset Investment Conference)

The REAL Maverick: Present Economy worse than Depression – The Big Picture

Krugman: How did a few failed banks add up to a financial meltdown – The Big Picture

Poverty spreading in suburbs: study – Reuters

U.S. Stocks Gain, Capping S&P 500’s Best Weekly Rise Since 1974 – Bloomberg (Last week was a really good one in Europe and Asia too)

‘Chief Yahoo’ Yang May Make New CEO’s Task Difficult – Bloomberg (I worked at Yahoo! and remember the good ol’ days before Yang screwed it up)

Spanish developer falls with €2.3bn debt – Times Online (remember Martinsa Fadesa? The Spanish property crash is still very much a concern)

Commerzbank seals Dresdner deal early – Financial Times (The Germans are eager to get their banking sector on a stronger footing, now)

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  1. Stevie b. says

    Ed – might be useful to add that Rebecca Wilder at News N Economics has updated the original post here:

    and again today here:

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