News round-up: 16 Oct 2008 – Blog edition

I want to spread the love today, so I am highlighting some of the posts of my fellow bloggers out on the Internet. Most of us have noted that the economic data coming out recently really confirms the fact that we’re in recession. What that means for equity markets is unclear. But, certainly, if this a long recession as it is likely to be, it cannot bode well for the general indices. It is a stock picker’s market.

I also should note that emerging markets are getting crushed now. Oil just fell below $70 a barrel. Gold is down $30 today. And other commodity prices are through the floor. As a result, it is expected Korea’s banks will struggle to re-finance and emerging markets generally are going to need to recapitalize their banks as well. Note, the Mexican Peso is cliff diving below 13 to the dollar right now. This would be a good time to go on a Mexican vacation as that’s down 30%.

I am off to Palm Beach tomorrow, so blogging will be light through the weekend. Good luck and have a great weekend.

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  1. Wag the Dog says

    Have a good weekend.

    I probably could do with a break too. If I read any more of your blogroll, I’ll start to have nightmares.

  2. Edward Harrison says

    thanks, I think. :) all the best. And I enjoyed your technology angle on the jobless claims post.


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