Writedown news: 10 Sep 2008

Below are the latest writedown stories from the web that I have seen. Quite honestly, I have been a little behind in updating all of the stories on the timeline, so please call me out on anything important I failed to add.

For the full timeline of news, visit my credit crisis timeline. The last Bloomberg table I have from August 27th on their tally of writedowns has $506 billion in writedowns but Wells Fargo’s preferred announcement and Lehman’s huge writedown will put this up at least $6 billion more. I will be looking to make some serious updates to the table shortly.

Also see my list of Bankrupt Global Financial Institutions.

2008 08 26 Housing slump hits BMO’s bottom line
2008 08 26 Scotiabank earnings slip 2%
2008 08 27 CIBC profit squeezed by $885-million credit hit
2008 08 28 Agricole, Natixis earnings plunge on market turmoil
2008 08 28 C.Agricole Q2 profit plunges on Calyon loss
2008 08 28 TD’s profit drops, but bank hikes dividend
2008 08 28 National Bank profit rises
2008 08 28 U.S. operations bite into Royal Bank’s profit
2008 09 01 Commerzbank buys ailing Dresdner
2008 09 02 Price of Dresdner Deal Worries Commerzbank Investors
2008 09 03 What Now For Dresdner Kleinwort?
2008 09 07 Paulson Engineers U.S. Takeover of Fannie, Freddie
2008 09 08 Fannie, Freddie Credit-Default Swaps May Be Settled
2008 09 08 WaMu’s New Chief Prepares To Dive In Amid Skepticism
2008 09 08 BankUnited Sees Regulatory Capital Status Downgraded
2008 09 09 Counterparty credit risks climb on Lehman, WaMu
2008 09 09 KDB’s Attempt to Invest In Lehman Appears Over
2008 09 10 Lehman Sees $3.9 Billion Loss and Plans to Shed Assets

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