Stephen Roach and Jim Grant: Video of credit crisis thoughts

The Financial Times caught up with two great economic pundits in Jim Grant and Stephen Roach. Below are links to six video interviews by the FT with these two gentlemen (three each). They should be enlightening regarding the global credit crisis, the U.S. bailout and financial markets and the global economy more generally.


Sep 29: STEPHEN ROACH on Asia, China and financial crisis

Sep 29: Stephen Roach on Japan propping up Wall Street

Sep 29: Stephen Roach on whether China can save the world

JAMES GRANT talks about the dangers of political intervention

James Grant talks about "shame and scandal" of financiers

James Grant talks about the $700bn bail-out plan

  1. stevie b. says

    Edward – very grateful for these links. The comments from Roach – about how China can transit from over-reliance on (overbuilt) fixed investment to stimulating domestic demand by freeing savings through the introduction of a system of Social Security – give us some hope for the long term and allow the time necessary for the gradual increase in hard commodity exploration and production to meet this extra demand without the accompanying inflation. Quite how we get from here to there is another matter altogether!

  2. Edward Harrison says

    Stevie b.,

    my pleasure. Roach was looking like a Cassandra for so long that he started to recant before the meltdown occurred. It’s hard to see these things and have them continue on for so long after you have seen them occur.

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