News round-up: 24 Sep 2008 – in other news

Because it seems like it’s all bailout all the time in the news these days, I thought I’d use today’s news round-up to highlight a few issues going on outside of the U.S. bailout plan. From my last two posts about the Canadian and Danish residential property markets, you can see that the underlying problems that caused the U.S. blowup are far from through.

But there is plenty of other news in politics and foreign affairs too. So, here’s a smattering of what I see.

Pickens’ Loses $1 Billion on Energy Bets, Report Says – NY Times (oops)
7 better uses for $700 billion – MSN Money
Why Pensions May be More Vulnerable – Swampland
Manulife in talks for AIG assets – Globe & Mail

It’s brutal out there on the U.S. Presidential campaign trail. The first post in this section gives you a sense of the gloves-off approach we are seeing.

Ex-Bush Adviser: “John McCain Is Energy Illiterate.” – New Republic
And Speaking of Polls… – Swampland (are cell phone-only hipsters being under-counted? Yes! But only a little)
Democrats Widen Lead in Race for Congress – Political Wire
Has ANC botched Mbeki ouster? – Fin24 (The South African President got the heave-ho. Good riddance!)
McCain Loses His Head – Washington Post (this is a pretty savage attack by a conservative)

Outside America
Anglo Irish shares plummet in 21-year record – Irish Independent
SA inflation hits all-time high – Fin24
Eurozone Flash PMI’s For Manufacturing And Services Indicate Continuing Contraction – Euro Watch

U.S. Credit Crisis news – for those who want more
Fed Recreates the 1970s; Wait, It’s the 1930s: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg
Now Prohibited from Shorting: IBM – Market Beat (Shambolic)
Wall Street bailout may include Australian banks – Australian (all aboard on the gravy train!)

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