News round-up: 9 Sep 2008

After an amazing day to the upside as a result of the bailout of Frannie, we have to return to the ho-hum of reality. But, I still have a decent number of reactions to and articles about Frannie in my links.

Personally, I don’t like the bailout but I think options were limited. I have more to say on this later but I’ve had Frannie overload for now.

In addition to the Frannie fare, I have a few links to two pieces about how to survive the downturn. Beyond that, there’s the usual fare of financial services and politics.

Let’s hope happy Monday means terrific Tuesday.


In Government We Trust? Part 2 – Ron Paul
Hurricane Ike Moves Back Over Caribbean, May Strike Cuba Again – Bloomberg

Surviving the downturn
Choosing a Recession Proof Career (Hat tip: reader Helen)
Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae Bailout Lowers Mortgage Rates – Bloomberg

Freddie and Fannie Fallout
The Silence of Lambs – The Nation
Dollar Rises to Highest in About a Year on Fannie, Freddie Plan – Bloomberg
Paulson Wins Support From Buffett, Gross on Takeover – Bloomberg
Rogoff: Is There an Exit Strategy? – Kenneth Rogoff, Guardian
No alternative to nationalisation – Martin Wolf, FT

Financial Services
Lehman Declines as Analysts Predict More Writedowns – Bloomberg
WaMu Drops on Regulatory Scrutiny as CEO Is Replaced – Bloomberg
Downey Financial, BankUnited Fall on Capital Concerns – Bloomberg
Mortgage Bonds Rally Following U.S. Seizure of Fannie, Freddie – Bloomberg
The Power of De – Paul Krugman, NY Times
How a downturn could turn into a disaster – Wolfgang Munchau, FT

Bush Suspends Proposed Commercial Nuclear Accord With Russia – Bloomberg

Technophile’s corner
After Books, Google is Busy Scanning Old Newspapers of your Great Grandpa’s Era – Digital Inspiration

Odds & Ends
Plaza Buyers of $53.5 Million Penthouses Sue Elad for Fraud – Bloomberg
Tom Brady out for season – Yahoo! Sports

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