News round-up: 30 Sep 2008

Today was an up day on Wall Street. After a day of untold carnage and pain in markets around the globe from Tokyo to London to New York and back again, we seem to have found a relief rally.

There is still much work to be done, but enjoy the moment! Below are a few posts and articles you might like to read.

Palin and the Supreme Court – Political Animal (I can’t get enough of her, honestly)

LIBOR Hits All-time High of 6.88% – Calculated Risk

U.S. recession would drag Canadian housing market lower: economist – Globe & Mail

Ireland’s bank guarantee could be model for other countries– Irish Independent (why didn’t Paulson try this?)

On Dumping Palin – (McCain’s not going to dump Palin, so stop wishing)

ITV job toll rises to 1,000 as new cuts bite – Times Online (jobs, jobs, jobs)

UniCredit Plunges for Second Day on Rights Offering Concern – Bloomberg (The carnage is not over in Europe)

India Reassures ICICI Depositors – WSJ

A.I.G.’s Bailout Terms Revealed – Deal Book (this is a good one.)

Dead-end job? – BBC News (Apparently, Indian call centres are as bad for employees as the are for customers)

The rise of Spain’s Santander – Guardian (This Spanish bank seems to be the JPMorgan of Europe – very well run)

Huntsman rallies as judge holds Hexion to $6.5 billion merger – NY Times (These private equity guys tried to reneg. Not so fast)

Creating a great depression – Martin Hutchinson, Asia Times (This one is right on the money. Not very nice words about McCain or Obama, though)

Mark-to-market accounting – FT Lex (I’ll have more to say about this myself. But The FT’s take is pretty good.)

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