News round-up: 3 Sep 2008

Today, we have some interesting posts on personal finance, politics and technology. As well, I add in the usual line-up on the economy, housing, and the finance sector. Definitely read the articles on dream houses. Very nice places.

Dream homes
For Sale in … Montreal – NY Times
What You Get for … $150,000 – NY Times
Renovating a French Mill – NY Times
People Who Live in Glass Houses – WSJ

Personal Finance
Using Nest Eggs Before Maturity – Wash Post
10 secrets that millionaires keep – MSN Money

This section offers up some wildly differing political opinions about the U.S. presidential race and the pick of Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s running mate. Also of note is Francis Fukuyama’s take on Russia.

Palin is a true feminist role model – FT
McCain’s Palin Choice a Profile in Cynicism: Margaret Carlson – Bloomberg
Revelations on Palin stir vetting doubts – FT
Here Are Five Things Democrats Won’t Tell You: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg
McCain: A roll-the-dice commander – FT
What the presidential choice could mean – Martin Wolf, FT
Russia and a new democratic realism – FT

Global Residential Property Markets
House price crash goes global – Guardian
Reset loans add to U.S. home woes – FT
Fitch Warns on Option ARMs; “High Defaults Await” – Housing Wire
Stamp Duty: ‘Great to have extra bit of money’ – Guardian
Stamp Duty: ‘I’ll still have to drop asking price’ – Guardian

Economics and Finance
Canadian dollar touches year low as oil skids – National Post
Sterling slumps to lowest in 16 years – Telegraph
As sterling sinks, so price rises spread ever further – Times Online
U.S. Stocks at 25.8 Times Profit Means Rally May End – Bloomberg
Three Fed Banks Sought an Increase in Discount Rate – Bloomberg
HSBC, China bank also interested in Lehman: report – Reuters
Kleinwort Benson name may live on – Telegraph
Kirchners Losing Argentina in Slump Leading to Crisis – Bloomberg

Technophile’s corner
Google’s Chrome browser: This baby flies – LA Times
Google Redefines Web Browser – Walter Mossberg, WSJ
Apple email invites speculation over iPods – Telegraph

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