News Round-up: 16 Sep 2008

Everyone has heard the news of importance: AIG, Lehman, Goldman, WaMu, Merrill. Although I just heard on Bloomberg Rado that Barclays was buying the “Core Lehman” assets.

Anyway, I thought I would concentrate today more on the blogosphere. There are a lot of good posts out there to pick from. Here’s what I have.

Market Beat: blog of the day
Market Beat has cornered the market on good posts. I have no fewer than five from them right here:
That’s No Change We Can’t Believe In
A Wild Day in AIG
Investment Banks, By the Numbers
Shareholders Run, Much Like Depositors Once Did
Yield Curve Steepens; Is It Enough?

Best of the rest

  • Willem Buiter makes sense on the Fed. He says we didn’t need an interest rate cut (link)
  • Should AIG be funded by the Fed? Buiter, a former Bank of England MPC member tells us (link)
  • Barry Ritholtz demonstrates graphicly that we are in a bear market (link)
  • Ritholtz drips sarcasm in his take on the willy-nilly response to crisis in the U.S. (link)
  • Research Recap warns us that credit card delinquencies are rising. Get ready for some Credit Card-backed security writedowns. They are coming (link)
  • Nice rating s round-up on WaMu, AIG, BofA and Merrill via Research recap (link)
  • The Russian market just collapsed. Down 17% today. Not good (link)
  • FT Alphaville thinks the U.S. is looking a lot like Japan (link). So do I (link)
  • Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism finds it ironic that Lehman was just voted #1 in fixed income research (link)

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