News Round-Up: 6 Jul 2008

Bush to Keep Pressing Iran, North Korea on Nuclear Programs – Bloomberg
Argentina agricultural-export tax clears a hurdle – MarketWatch
American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot – New York Times

What Safety Net? The Precarious Financial Lives of American Families – NY Times
Recession threat as UK jobs vanish – Telegraph
UK plc faces bear market as downturn deepens – Telegraph
Economic downturn means the next UK government might have to increase taxes – Telegraph
South Korea to Limit Auto Use As Part of Energy-Saving Plan – WSJ
World’s most wired countries – National Post

More on Banks Reducing HELOCs – Calculated Risk
The Home-Equity Door Slams Shut – Kiplingers
UBS: The crisis at the heart of the Swiss bank – Telegraph
Shareholders in UK banks win as shorting costs escalate – Telegraph
Irish banks may ask for cash injection – Irish Independent
Tycoon Cowdery eyeing up BoI’s €1bn business in UK – Irish Independent
Lessons to be learnt from the financial crisis – FT
How to stop the next bubble – Prospect

German Links
Senkung des Arbeitslosenbeitrags immer wahrscheinlicher – Spiegel
Ölmarkt bleibt bis 2013 angespannt – Handelsblatt
Schuldenverbot für den Staat – Handelsblatt

Spanish links
Los problemas de precios se mantendrán un largo periodo – El Pais
La expectativa de que Trichet mantenga los tipos tira del Euríbor a la baja – El Pais
La crisis empieza ya a contaminar el resultado de las empresas – El Pais
Son los precios, ¡estúpido! – El Pais
Paro e inflación al alza, una combinación amarga – El Pais
¿Burbuja? ¿Qué burbuja? – El Pais

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