News Round-Up: 21 Jul 2008

Given a Shovel, Americans Dig Deeper Into Debt – NY Times
Starbucks Gets Pleas Not to Close Stores – WSJ
Credit crunch hits Hollywood as banks get tough on funding films – Times Online
The Nation: Too Big to Fail? – NY Times
The US: the World’s Biggest Blue Light Special – Russ Winter
The performance gender gap: Does competition matter? – Vox

Earnings Fall 44% at Bank of America – NY Times
Citigroup Puts Its Money Where Its Name Will Be – NY Times
Can Bill Miller rise from the ashes? – MSN
A beaten-down pair worth a look (SunTrust and American Eagle) – MSN
Roche Offers $43.7 Billion for Genentech – NY Times
Europe’s Banks Facing Extra EU120 Billion in Losses – Bloomberg
The global economy is at the point of maximum danger – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Bank of America Boosts Futures – Market Beat

HBOS investors take up just 8.3pc of issue – Telegraph
HSBC shares jump on CIC investment hopes – Telegraph
Britons risk losing Spanish holiday homes – Times Online
Inflation for middle classes rises to 7.4pc – Telegraph
UK Commercial property downslide picks up speed – Telegraph

Moving the ball forward on Maliki’s support for Obama, withdrawal – The Carpetbagger Report
Al Gore’s tolerance for ‘triviality and artifice and nonsense’ – The Carpetbagger Report
EU offers 60% cut in farm tariffs – BBC News
Preferential Trade Agreements – Economist’s View
Borrowers and Bankers: A Great Divide – NY Times
The eurogroup has to shed its complacency – FT($)
Yes We Can: Alternative Energy – Bob Herbert, NY Times

Krise von Finanzinvestor bringt Hertie in Not – Spiegel

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