News Round-up: 11 Jul 2008

Fannie and Freddie
The Fannie-Freddie Maelstrom Continues – WSJ MarketBeat

The Fannie and Freddie doomsday scenario – Fortune

McCain Says Fannie, Freddie `Vital,’ Must Not Fail – Bloomberg

Kiss of death for Fannie, Freddie? – MarketWatch

Lloyds TSB pulls out of German talks – Telegraph

Lehman Brothers shares tumble to new low on more credit fears – Globe & Mail

PIMCO: We’re Still Trading With Lehman – WSJ MarketBeat

Bailouts and the ‘Too Big to Fail’ Problem – Real Time Economics

Marc Faber: Bernanke, Fed a ‘Joke’ – Street Talk

Spain Bond Sale Postponed as Investors Get Skittish – Bloomberg

The only way is down – The Economist (article abut Matthew Simmons and peak oil)

UK Inflation: Further blow to rate cut hopes as figures show retailers have pushed up food prices by 7% – Guardian

Big Drop in U.S. Jobless Claims – WSJ

UK House building crisis: Q&A – Telegraph

Worst of Housing Crisis Is Behind Us — Really – Bloomberg

Lufthansa wage talks collapse – Globe & Mail

Japan’s Wholesale Inflation Rises to a 27-Year High – Bloomberg

Student Loans Gone Awry Trap Retirees in Auction Debt – Bloomberg

Something Big is Going On – Ron Paul (hat tip The Mess That Greenspan Made)

The euro’s eastern future – FT

Jesse Jackson gets a little nutty – Carpetbagger Report

Ted Kennedy, coming through when it counts (again) – Carpetbagger Report

McCain’s ’straight talk’ on contraception – Carpetbagger Report

It’s Hard Out Here For A Nominee – Blogometer

Odds and Ends
Amidst rising prices, might food crime be the next trend? – Japan Economy and Newslog

Obese Men Produce Less Semen, More Abnormal Sperm – Bloomberg

Female employment – Economist

Banesto aumenta un 15% su beneficio, hasta 449 millones – El Mundo

Los fabricantes de automóviles creen que las ventas caerán un 20% en 2008 – El Mundo

Sebastián habla de ‘casi recesión’ y Solbes no descarta que se produzca un ‘crecimiento cero’ – El Mundo

‘The Economist’ y ‘Financial Times’ piden un G-12 que incluya a España – El Pais

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