News Roundup: 28 Apr 2008

Buffett Says Recession May Be Worse Than Feared (Yahoo! News, 4/28/2008)
One Guy Who Has Seen It All Doesn’t Like What He Sees Now (WSJ, 4/26/2008)
Ignore nonsense that credit crisis is over (Stene Pearlstein, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (4/27/2008)
Raised in boom times, many Gen-X and Yers see their dreams go bust (LA Times, 4/28/2008)
Property Tax Revolt (WSJ, 4/28/2008)
Vacant Homes Hit Record High (Yahoo! News, 4/28/2008)
KB Home Co-Founder Eli Broad Says Home Prices in U.S. May Drop Another 20% (Bloomberg, 4/28/2008)
First-Time Home Buyers’ Few Options
Gas Hits $3.60, Crude Nears $120 on Supply Outages(Yahoo News, 4/28, 2008)

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