Economic News Round-Up

Economic News Round-up
I am off to the beach for a week, so I thought I would highlight a few stories that I have found particularly interesting as opposed to writing anything of substance today.

JP Morgan Chase, Fed Funding Bear Stearns – Washington Post (3/14/2008)
Anatomy of a Carlyle Collapse – Washington Post (3/14/2008)
Washington Mutual Rate Cut to Near Junk – Yahoo (3/14/2008)
Dollar losing clout around the world – MSNBC (3/14/2008)
Gold Futures Trade Above $1,000 for Second Day; Silver Gains – Bloomberg (3/14/2008)
Why $1,000 an ounce isn’t the peak for gold – Money Week (3/14/2008)
The Fed: Time for Some Tough Love? – Business Week (3/14/2008)
Budget Crimes – Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul (3/14/2008)
Blow to ECB as eurozone inflation hits 3.3% – FT (3/14/2008)

More Articles to follow.

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