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Italy is the Weak Link in Europe

The capital outflow from the emerging markets is proving as destabilizing as the previous inflows. Pundits can talk about currency wars all they want, but the real issue is the ability to cope with volatile capital flows, which is the…

Apple: Tax gimmicks could hurt the brand

One of the striking aspects of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing on Apple's aggressive tax-avoidance strategies is the way the Senators bent over backwards to declare Apple love even as they poked and prodded at…

Enrico Letta’s Italy

The first left-right coalition in Italy since 1946 has survived its first confidence motion in both chambers. As difficult as it may have been to break the political logjam, the hard work lies ahead for Prime Minister Letta.

Cyprus rejects deposit tax

Today Cyprus voted to reject the deposit tax with 36 MPs voting against and 19 abstaining. One MP was absent. No one voted for the deposit tax. And so this trial balloon of bailing in insured depositors has crashed and burned spectacularly.…

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