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Partying like it’s 1994

This post is a riff on a Paul Krugman post he titled “Partying Like It’s 1995”. I cam across Krugman’s post via Stephen WIlliamson, who makes some valid points about the Fed’s raising rates in 1994 that bear noting.

The Fed and the Return of Ad Hockery

By Marc Chandler There has been sharp rise in US interest rates and the dollar in the immediate response to the Federal Reserve's statement. The key it seemed was the expectation that federal funds would be at 1% at the end of next year.…

Why the Fed tapered asset purchases

Yesterday, the FOMC decided to reduce the pace of its large scale asset purchase program from $85 billion per month to $75 billion per month. The Fed has long wanted to taper its LSAP program and move to forward guidance to normalize policy…

Thresholds versus Triggers

Fed Chair nominee Janet Yellen believes that the Fed will keep rates at zero long after the 6.5 unemployment threshold, according to news reports. Yellen made the comments responding to an inquiry by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren…

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