Krugman sees recovery by end of Summer

As I have been indicating, even the most bearish of professional economists are now seeing a probable end to the recession later this year.  Paul Krugman goes as far as to say he wouldn’t be surprised to see the official end dated sometime this summer.  The question, therefore, is not if or when the recession ends, but rather how robust a recovery we get.

Another question we should all be asking ourselves is whether this will be used as an excuse to return to business as usual.


  1. davosSherman says

    I M P O S S I B L E

  2. JohnDoe says

    “signs of stabilization” and “getting WORSE more slowly” are not the same as “recovery”. Too many people are getting this confused. We are no longer in immediate danger of falling off a cliff and a total collapse of our economy but we are in no way shape or form at the end of the recession.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      John Doe, Krugman clearly states we are NOW stabilizing, but that he wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to recovery sometime this summer. I hope you understand this. He is CLEARLY saying we are probably near the end of the recession. Watch the video and read the associated article:

      His call for a potential summer recovery is even more aggressive than what I am saying (Q4 or Q1).

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