1. Sobers says

    At the risk of being a pedant, the planes are all wrong. Firstly it looks like a mixture of Spitfires and Hurricanes, which would have been in separate squadrons, on different airfields. Secondly one of the aircraft has a cannon mounted in the wing, something that was definitely not in service during the Battle of Britain, when both Spitfire and Hurricane had machine guns only.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      I didn’t catch that Sobers. I will have to read the book as well as pwm suggests. If it won the Literature Nobel, there’s something there of merit. Notice how I have claimed Churchill for the Americans?

  2. pwm says

    Read the book. It’s fantastic. Some parts drag as he tallies and details the various battalions and divisions, but his insight into the psychology that led to the war is unparalleled. His use of language is wonderful too. This book is the first of his six part series on the war, for which he won the Noble prize in literature.

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