Fannie and Freddie: Washington Post articles back to 2005

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Going forward, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to be much talked about in the news. Therefore, as a reference, I am providing a list of big Washington Post stories dating back to 2005 below.

Fannie, Freddie rise after dive a day earlier (AP, July 8, 2008; 4:58 PM)

Delinquencies Rise at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac (Post, June 26, 2008; Page D01)

Fannie Loses $2.2 Billion As Home Prices Fall (Post, May 7, 2008; Page A01)

Freddie Mac Differs With Regulator on 2007 Results (Post, April 30, 2008; Page D01)

Effort to Rein In Fannie, Freddie Gains Steam: Treasury Puts Muscle Behind Bipartisan Push for Greater Oversight of Firms (Post, April 23, 2008; Page D01)

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Warned on Accounting: OFHEO Examines Use of New Rule (Post, April 22, 2008; Page D01)

Former Fannie Chief Settles: Raines Won’t Pay Out of Pocket, Sources Say (Post, April 19, 2008; Page A01)

Attempting to Heal a Fractured Mortgage Market: Freddie’s Woes Run Deep, Report Says (Post, April 16, 2008; Page D01)

Fannie, Freddie Shares Soar After Restraints Loosened (Post, March 22, 2008; Page E15)

REGULATORS: Fannie, Freddie Cleared To Buy More Mortgages (Post, March 20, 2008; Page D01)

Freddie Mac Reports $2.5 Billion Loss: Panel to Assess Management (Post, February 29, 2008; Page D01)

Cuomo Near Deal On Home Appraisals: Fannie, Freddie Figure in Plan (Post, February 27, 2008; Page D01)

OFHEO Questions Mortgage Proposal: Stimulus Bill Would Affect Jumbo Loans (Post, February 8, 2008; Page D01)

On Wall St., Mortgage-Finance Chiefs Take Apologetic Tone (Post, December 12, 2007; Page D01)

Fannie Mae to Issue $7 Billion In Stock to Help Steady Itself (Post, December 5, 2007; Page D01)

Analysis: Fannie, Freddie Face Conflicting Demands (Post, December 4, 2007; Page D01)

News Gets Worse for Freddie As Shareholders File Lawsuit: Mortgage Firm Accused of Deception on Risk (Post, November 22, 2007; Page D05)

Freddie Mac, a Buffer Against Crisis, Posts $2 Billion Loss (Post, November 21, 2007; Page A01)

Fannie Stock Slides As Questions Arise Over Accounting (Post, November 17, 2007; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Expenses Up Sixfold From Bad Loans: Mortgage Firm’s Declines Contribute to Market Loss (Post, November 10, 2007; Page D01)

Cuomo’s Loan Probe Turns to Fannie, Freddie (Post, November 8, 2007; Page D01)

Brendsel, OFHEO Agree to Settle: Freddie Ex-CEO to Pay $16.4 Million (Post, November 7, 2007; Page D01)

Fannie, Freddie Portfolios Shrink: Firms Have Argued for Higher Investment Caps (Post, October 27, 2007; Page D01)

Government Wants Brendsel to Pay Costs: Trial Opens for Freddie Ex-CEO (Post, October 16, 2007; Page D05)

For Brendsel, Court Wait Is Almost Over: Blame for Freddie Accounting Scandal at Stake in Case (Post, October 11, 2007; Page D01)

Freddie Mac, Ex-Officials Settle Charges: Payments Stem From Firm’s Accounting Scandal (Post, September 28, 2007; Page D01)

Raines Tries To Broaden Defense in Fannie Suit: Subpoenas for OFHEO, White House Are Part Of Effort to Clear Name (Post, September 17, 2007; Page D01)

Two Days Apart, Two Reports Tell Two Stories About Prices (By Kenneth R. Harney, September 8, 2007; Page F01)

Higher Caps Urged For Fannie, Freddie: Democrats Seek Bigger Role for Firms (Post, August 18, 2007; Page D01)

For Small Investors, Now Is Not the Time for Bold Moves (Post, August 18, 2007; Page D03)

Mortgages: Reins Kept on Fannie, Freddie (Post, August 11, 2007; Page D01)

Raines Sues OFHEO Over Stock (Post, July 6, 2007; Page D01)

House Tightens Reins on Fannie, Freddie: Bill Could Lose White House Backing Over Limits on New Housing Regulator (Post, May 23, 2007; Page D04)

Fannie Mae Releases 2005 Financial Results: Troubled Firm Also Appoints New CFO With Background in Accounting (Post, May 2, 2007; 11:18 AM)

Heir Apparent Spurns Freddie Mac Offer (Post, May 2, 2007; Page D01)
Fannie Mae’s Former Chief Loses Plea To Move Case (Post, May 1, 2007; Page D01)

Sallie Mae Board Members Under SEC Trading Probe (Post, April 25, 2007; Page D01)

Freddie Mac to Refinance Loans: $20 Billion to Help Subprime Owners (Post, April 19, 2007; Page D01)

Freddie, Fannie a ‘Concern’ To OFHEO: Fixes Cost Much Time and Money, Regulator Says (Post, April 11, 2007; Page D01)

OFHEO Director to Stay on Raines Case: Lockhart Won’t Withdraw From Regulatory Proceeding to Recover $84.6 Million (Post, April 6, 2007; Page D04)

Freddie Mac’s Timely Filing Reveals a Loss (Post, March 24, 2007; Page D01)

Key Congressman Optimistic on Fannie-Freddie Bill (Post, March 13, 2007; Page D04)

Bernanke Calls for Stronger Regulation of Fannie, Freddie (Post, March 7, 2007; Page D02)

Freddie Mac Tightens Mortgage Belt (Post, February 28, 2007; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Shuts Down Foundation: Big Local Donor To Move In-House (Post, February 24, 2007; Page A01)

Judge Rejects Raines’s Request to Accelerate Trial Date (Post, February 8, 2007; Page D03)

Fannie Mae’s Former Chief Wants Earlier Hearing Date (Post, February 6, 2007; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Chief Got 25% Raise Last Year (Post, January 30, 2007; Page D01)

Both Sides on Offense (Post, January 22, 2007; Page D01)

Players Oddly Aligned In New Fannie Mae Case (Post, December 20, 2006; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Ex-Officials Are Sued for Disputed Pay (Post, December 19, 2006; Page A01)

Justice Said to Drop Freddie Mac Probe (Post, September 12, 2006; Page D01)

Fannie To Meet Year-End Deadline: ’04 Earnings Results On Track as Errors Now Fully Identified (Post, August 10, 2006; Page D01)

Filing Limits Urged For Fannie Mae : Mudd Tells Panel He Was ‘Shocked’ by Accounting Problems (Post, June 16, 2006; Page D02)

Pressure on Fannie, Freddie Increases: Treasury, HUD Announce Probes (Post, June 14, 2006; Page D01)

Constraints On Freddie, Fannie May Last Years: Raines Criticized At Panel Hearing (Post, June 7, 2006; Page D03)

Fannie Mae Fined $400M for Bad Accounting (AP, May 24, 2006; 8:39 AM)

Report: Fannie Mae Manipulated Accounting (AP, May 23, 2006; 9:21 PM)

Regulator Says Fannie Mae Doctored Earnings: Bonuses Allegedly Drove the Scheme (Post, May 24, 2006; Page A01)

Examining Fannie Mae: How a Former Chief Helped Shape The Company’s Political Culture (Post, May 24, 2006; Page D01)

Regulator Says Mudd Knew of Misdeeds (Post, May 24, 2006; Page D01)

Fannie to Settle Charges, Pay Fine: Some $400 Million In Penalties Are Part of Agreement (Post, May 23, 2006; Page D01)

Freddie Mac Agrees to Pay Investors $410M: Company to Pay $410 Million (Post, April 21, 2006; Page D01)

Freddie Mac Finance Chief Resigns With Accounting ‘Blueprint’ in Place (Post, March 23, 2006; Page D04)

Fannie Mae Finds More Accounting Errors: Rudman to Testify Today Before House Panel on Report Commissioned by Board (Post, March 14, 2006; Page D04)

Fannie Mae Warnings Documented (Post, March 13, 2006; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Report Is Long, but It’s Not the Whole Story (By Steven Pearlstein, March 3, 2006; Page D01)

Watching Fannie Mae Wednesday March 1, 2006; Page A16)

Fannie Report Details a Calculated ‘Catch-Up’ (Post, February 28, 2006; Page D01)

New Light Shed on Critic of Fannie: Report Backs Up His Main Charges (Post, February 27, 2006; Page D01)

Cut Fannie’s Holdings, Critics Say (Post, February 25, 2006; Page D01)

Report Details Raines’s Clout at Fannie Mae: Ex-CEO Fostered ‘Arrogance’ but Didn’t Know Extent of Problems, Review Says (Post, February 24, 2006; Page A01)

Growth of Financial Manager’s Power ‘Undermined’ Checks and Balance
(Post, February 24, 2006; Page D01)

Report Finds Accounting Practices That Start at the Bottom Line (Post, February 24, 2006; Page D01)

Review Could Have Legal Ramifications: Executives’ Statements Scrutinized (Post, February 24, 2006; Page D03)

Fannie Mae Report Puts CFO Front And Center: Accounting Details Come Out Today (Post, February 23, 2006; Page D01)

Fannie, Freddie Keep Up Lobbying (Post, February 20, 2006; Page D01)

Bernanke Criticizes Fannie, Freddie Bill (Post, February 16, 2006; Page D03)

Fannie Mae Sets Executive Salaries: Chief’s Bonus Is Not Dependent on Firm’s Financials (Post, February 9, 2006; Page D04)

Fannie Mae Reports Investment Portfolio Gains (Post, February 1, 2006; Page D04)

Banks Object to Plan for Fannie Mae Home Loans (Post, January 13, 2006; Page D04)

Will Fannie Mae’s troubles ease? Will Franklin Raines’s get worse? (Post, January 2, 2006; Page D09)

Ex-Freddie Mac Chief Files to Keep Land: Brendsel’s Lease on 98 Acres, Revoked by Maryland, to Expire Next Week (Post, December 24, 2005; Page D03)

New Paths for Mortgage Giants: Old Way of Doing Business Will Not Work Anymore For Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac (Post, December 5, 2005; Page D01)

Freddie Profit Down in ’05 (Post, December 2, 2005; Page D04)

Public Servants Offered Homes for a Year (Post, December 1, 2005; Page A05)

Fannie Mae’s Repairman: CEO Daniel H. Mudd Must Fix Problems With Accounting and Culture (Post, November 16, 2005; Page D01)

A Growing Alternative To Home Equity Lines (By Kenneth R. Harney, November 12, 2005; Page F01)

Fannie Mae Finds More Errors, Names New CFO (Post, November 11, 2005; Page D01)

Fannie Mae’s CFO Choice Fixed MCI Books (Post, November 11, 2005; Page D04)

Freddie Mac to Restate Its Profit Downward: Firm Blames $220 Million Error on Software (Post, November 9, 2005; Page D01)

Bill Passes on Fannie And Freddie Oversight: Legislation Still Differs From Senate Panel Version (Post, October 27, 2005; Page D01)

Fannie, Freddie Oversight Set for Vote (Post, October 26, 2005; Page D04)

Vote Nears to Regulate Two Mortgage Giants (Post, October 21, 2005; Page D04)

Proposal on Affordable Housing Under Fire (Post, October 20, 2005; Page D04)

Freddie Mac to Invest $1 Billion in Hurricane Zone (Post, October 13, 2005; Page D01)

Fannie Mae Bill May Get House Vote (Post, October 8, 2005; Page D01)

Fannie Ex-Execs Want Suit Dropped: Lack of ‘Direct Evidence’ Cited (Post, October 5, 2005; Page D01)

Fannie Shares Fall on Report Of Further Violations (Post, September 29, 2005; Page D04)

Fannie, Freddie Bill Gets Another Push (Post, September 22, 2005; Page D04)

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