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In Search Of Lost Demand

Why is the global economy hamstrung by heavy debts and weak banks? Or put another way, why doesn’t deleveraging happen, and the weight of debt reduce, and why doesn’t the economy expand so the weak banks can once more become robust and…

Turkey: Outlook Remains Bearish

The central bank intervened aggressively in September-October to limit TRY weakness, but it does not have a huge war chest like Brazil or Asia. Reserves were $84.4 bln at the end of October, down 10% from a peak of $93 bln in July. Reserves…

SNB takes action against strong CHF

US growth concerns and downgrade risk remain in play after budget deal. Euro zone periphery remains under pressure as ECB meets Thursday. SNB takes action against strong CHF; spike in EUR/CHF offers good entry point to go long CHF.

Greece: Last Exit To Nowhere?

If the strongest argument against going back to the Drachma always was that this would imply default, now that default is coming, why not allow Greece to devalue? As Krugman says, the issue isn’t whether Greece would openly decide to exit…

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